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For professional photographers or experts in media handling and color-management workflow.

JUSTprint service is designed for customers with prepared color-managed ‘ready-to-print’ files for a straightforward direct send to print queue with NO consultation, NO media handling, and NO customization services by us. The image quality, color or contrast control of the images lies strictly with the creator and processor of the files. 


Good quality output starts with a quality image or artwork. While you may capture great photographs and proficient with image processing or editing software, if one do not worked them on a color-managed platform, the output may still be compromised. 


Copyright © Sohphee Ng

✓ Volume pricing.

✓ Low min.purchase of 1,500 square inches per order. 

✓ NO media consultation, checking or handling service. 

✓ Email orders only. Files directly send to print queue. 

✓ NO walk-in orders accepted.

✓ Delivery 3~4 working days.

✓ Other Terms & Conditions apply. Kindly contact us for more information.

Purchasing a small print for test is always recommended, especially for first-timers or if you are ordering large prints.

CONTACT US for further enquiries.

Note, we will not accept rejections except for printing errors or damaged prints. If you require much accuracy in output results and customize special handling care especially for gallery exhibitions, collections or limited edition prints, we suggest using our professional STUDIOprint service for much needed attention, or MASTERprint for the utmost service and possible accuracy in producing and in handling your desired print(s). 

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