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MASTER print

Work closely with us for a customized service.

Our Master Services are designed specifically for individuals whom demands high accuracy for output results and print handling care.  


This service is highly recommended for artists and fine art photographers in producing art prints or limited-edition prints for sale. More often than not, the first print of a new work will require much more time and effort in getting the desired output accurately. ​We will check, advice and edit your images and produce proof prints for your approval before proceeding with the final first print. Thereafter, subsequent reprints or edition prints can be ordered at our lower EditionPrint service prices. Contact us for an appointment and tell us your needs, we will assign one of our personnel to communicate with you.

NOTE: We highly do not recommend that you bring a storage drive with important files. Make sure you have a backup.  We will not be responsible for any damaged, errors or missing files in your drive in the event if there are any technical issues during writing, reading, transferring or ejecting your storage drive.

Copyright © Yee I-Lann, Huminodun - Kinabalu Series

Copyright © Yee I-Lann, "A Rousing Account of Migration in the Language of the Sea" - Orang Besar Series

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"Momentum" by Soon Hoe at KL International Art Festival 2015.

"Love & Harmony" by June Yap-yudan at The Whitebox, PUBLIKA.

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